Many Oregon State students are experiencing financial uncertainty. There is support for you.
Food Security

Many college students are eligible for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, which provides monthly grocery assistance funds. Undergraduate students who are U.S. permanent residents are encouraged to apply. Learn about SNAP and get help applying from the Basic Needs Center. Plus, the BNC offers a food pantry and other food resources.  

Academic Resources

The Basic Needs Center helps students access a broad range of resources to support their academic success, including calculator and laptop loans. Students can pick up physical books through the Textbook Lending Program and also request a digital textbook from the Valley Library. Note that many services are first come, first serve — connect with the BNC today!

Basic Needs Navigation

A community of peer support at the Basic Needs Center can help you file for unemployment, find housing resources and learn about the Oregon Health Plan. BNC will connect you with food, emergency housing and other services. The friendly student staff at the BNC are there to guide and assist you in the face of unexpected financial challenges.


Lounge and Laundry Facilities

Students are invited to enjoy a snack and study in the lounge spaces at BNC's Champinefu Lodge.

Laundry machines and detergent (at no cost) are also available in Champinefu Lodge for student use by appointment, Monday through Friday. Find an open time slot and sign up.  

Financial Aid Assistance

The Office of Financial Aid helps you navigate how to apply for and maintain financial aid. If you have not already, please complete the FAFSA form for 2022-2023 and then review with the Office of Financial Aid. You are also encouraged to contact the financial aid office if you or a family member lose employment or have a significant change in your economic resources.

Financial Education

The Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE) supports students by offering one-on-one advising, financial literacy courses, workshops and self-study Canvas modules. CAFE can help you learn about financial resources, how to create a budget and ways to save. Interested? Visit the CAFE website or email [email protected].