three researchers leaning over a microscope in a lab

Engage in Research

Five steps to help you find a research project

  1. Consider what you are interested in researching

    Remember laboratory research is just one possibility — there are endless opportunities in any major.

  2. Discover professors who are researching subjects in line with your interests

    Talk to your advisor and review faculty profiles to find professors who share interests.

  3. Reach out to faculty and let them know you are interested in their research

    Talk to your professors after class, meet with them during office hours or connect with them via email.

  4. Be prepared when meeting with a professor

    Have your schedule ready in advance and be aware of what amount of time you are prepared to commit to research.

  5. Apply for research funding

    There are many grants available for research — and many of them have a lack of applicants.



✔ Connect with professors whose research is interesting to you.

✔ If what you need to say is important, don't say it in an email.

✔ Don't overcommit yourself — find a balance!


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