Connect With Others

Connect with others and nurture healthy relationships to enhance your well-being.

“My time at OSU has taught me that some of the greatest accomplishments in academics and social development were not done alone, and that in order to continually succeed as an individual and as a community we must work interdependently.”

Luis Rivera
MAJORS: Dietetics | Kinesiology

Build Community

Create meaningful experiences for you and others by being an active member of your community.

“Whether joining a club, participating in an intramural team or working on campus, these experiences enrich your time at OSU and make them so much more memorable.”

Virginia Tat
MAJORS: Accountancy | Marketing

Follow Your Passion

Discover your passion and seek meaning through your experiences at OSU — in the classroom and beyond.

“My experience in the clinic significantly shaped my worldview and turned my passion into a personal obligation. I will no longer be satisfied if I do not contribute to global health.”

Sarah Jacobi
MAJOR: Kinesiology
MINOR: French

    Find resources that support interpersonal relationships — like conflict resolution services and couples counseling. Or explore ways to connect to community through cultural events on campus or service opportunities in Corvallis and beyond.