Feature story image, Ariana Chedraui on her international internship

Fall 2015 — One of the many benefits of coming to college is expanding horizons and stepping outside of comfort zones. While Oregon State University offers opportunities for personal growth and development on campus, students may also have these experiences around the world.

Oregon State has numerous options for internationalizing one’s college experience — and these opportunities are only continuing to grow. The university has more than 300 options for studying abroad in more than 70 countries. With these programs, students can earn credit toward their major, minor or baccalaureate core. They can take classes abroad or obtain professional skills through an international internship. Students in turn gain an increased global perspective.

Ariana Chedraui posing with crew members in Gabon.

Ariana Chedraui at internship site.

“I have grown professionally, personally and cross-culturally,” said Ariana Chedraui, who focused her 2014 internship in Gamba, Gabon, on conservation and wilderness management. Chedraui is a zoology major. “(An international internship) is a wonderful chance to explore a country abroad while simultaneously gaining the opportunity to explore your academic major in a different environment.”

An added benefit of Oregon State’s international programs is the flexibility to work with a student’s schedule regarding time and placement. The amount of time a student can be abroad ranges from one to three terms, including six-week options that are available during the summer. International degrees are another possibility; undergraduate students can complete a unique double-degree during their time at OSU.  

“Our goal here is to provide a forum for cultural understanding,” says OSU Education Abroad and Scholarship Advisor LeAnn Adam.

OSU’s Office of Global Opportunities is available with information on international programs or studying abroad. Global Story