Feature story image, Erin Peters of Beavs Helping Kids

Fall 2015 — Erin Peters is pursuing a human development and family sciences major within the education double-degree program. A native of Corvallis, Peters volunteered at a local pre-school as a high school student, and continues to nurture her love of teaching children as an OSU student. She joined the student-run organization Beavs Helping Kids her first year on campus and is now the executive director of the program.

Beavs Helping Kids raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Springfield, Oregon, through multiple fundraisers. Students involved in the club also get to meet some of the families that the donations support. “The awesome thing about Children’s Miracle Network hospitals is that they do not turn any family away,” Peters said. 

Being able to apply classroom knowledge to real-world experiences is helping her prepare to be an elementary school teacher after graduation. Families in Poverty (HDFS 447), one of Peters’ favorite classes, examines the causes and consequences of family poverty, including global factors, discrimination and policies. It has given Peters a broader perspective on teaching and connects to her experience with Beavs Helping Kids, she says.

By participating in Beavs Helping Kids, Peters has been able to work with children, develop administrative experience, and grow as a student leader on campus. In return, Beavs Helping Kids has impacted Peters’ life in an inspiring way.

“It is a very humbling experience … to go into the hospital and see the babies and children who are holding onto their lives because of donations like ours.”

The annual beaverTHON organized by Beavs Helping Kids is six hours filled with dancing and games. This fundraising event directly benefits the Children’s Miracle Network hospital. To find out how you can support Beavs Helping Kids, email beavshelpingkids@oregonstate.edu. Or make a difference with one of OSU’s many other student organizations.