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Winter 2016 — From a service trip to San Francisco her first year to serving on two advisory boards and as the marketing manager for the Robotics team, Virginia Tat has been involved on campus since the day she arrived. Originally from Salem, Tat was an active volunteer in her home community and brought her love of volunteering with her when she joined Beaver Nation.

Tat, a senior pursuing a degree in accountancy and marketing, encourages students to get involved as early as they can. “Whether joining a club, participating in an intramural team or working on campus, these experiences enrich your time at OSU and make them so much more memorable,” she says.

She found value in her role as the student coordinator of the Mind Spa, located in Snell Hall at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The Mind Spa is equipped with a full-body massage chair, a biofeedback machine and a meditation space where students can unwind from school and life stresses.

Virginia Tat relaxes in the Mind Spa

Virginia Tat relaxes in the Mind Spa.

Tat focused on spreading awareness of depression, anxiety, stress and other psychologically impactful conditions to the OSU student body, and how to get help in treating them through the services offered at the Mind Spa and CAPS.

Wellness encompasses more than just physical health, she says.

“I never expected to develop a passion for educating the community about mental well-being and the effect it has on college students,” Tat said. “Working at Counseling and Psychological Services has opened my eyes to the importance of and the lack of support for mental health in comparison to other components of wellness.”

Focusing on mental, spiritual, and psychological well-being is a priority for CAPS and Tat, and there are many confidential resources available to students. Learn about the Mind Spa or contact CAPS for resources that support your well-being.