Connect with others while exploring yourself and the diverse events and programs at Oregon State University.

Diversity and Cultural Engagement

Home to educational initiatives that support transformative learning, identity development, cultural intelligence and self-confidence. DCE's seven cultural resource centers foster an inclusive community committed to social justice in which students can share their multiple identities and learn about issues of culture, heritage, history and self-expression.

International Student Community Team

The International Student Community Team focuses on peer-to-peer connections for international students, who come to OSU from nearly 100 countries. The team facilitates participation in community, recreational and educational activities.

Other Student Organizations

From Adelante en Acción to the Baha'i Campus Association to MANRRS, Oregon State's numerous clubs and organizations engage students in an exploration of diverse backgrounds, identities and interests.

Community and Cultural Foods Program

What better way to learn about another culture and build community than through food? Thousands of meals are prepared annually at the Global Community Kitchen for OSU's varied cultural programming, allowing you to enjoy food from Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia or many other global locations.

Cultural Ambassador Conversant Program

Broaden your horizons by engaging in INTO OSU's cultural exchange program. This term-long program gives domestic students and international students the chance to connect and learn about each other's cultures.